Artist Statements

For the past 30 years as the Director of Photography I have collaborated with others on countless film projects . For me, cinematography has always been a truly renaissance art that has required the alchemy of science, math, history, technical skills and creativity to distill order out of visual chaos.

Now through a different lens, I’m exploring the same concepts that I use as a cinematographer. By distilling the basic elements of colour, texture and line from the landscapes of my world, my abstract canvasses endeavour to portray nature in motion, not as nature appears but as nature feels; unspoken, indescribable and sometimes chaotic.

I am finding that working on my own requires greater self-acceptance and a deeper engagement with my surroundings. I approach my canvasses one line at a time, measuring, removing and repeating to create shapes that work in graphic harmony.  Constructed with various coloured organic threads, acrylic medium, metal foils, paint and plaster, my canvasses expresses strong cinematic compositions that create, Emotional narratives with kinetic energy”